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Small Town, Big Impact: Creating a Reputation in Rural Idaho

Entrepreneurs in Idaho aren’t confined to the business hub of Boise. While Boise seems to have it all, smaller towns in rural areas across the state are becoming more and more popular for people to set up shop. Startups are finding that the lower costs of living and close-knit communities in rural Idaho aren’t just great for young families, but […]


Boise Startup Week 2016 is Almost Here

Introducing Boise Startup Week 2016 Idaho entrepreneurs, startup pros, and grassroots visionaries, clear your calendars! The city of Boise and the usual suspects announce Boise Startup Week 2016, October 17-21. Startup Week is another great networking and educational opportunity on the horizon in Boise, and it’s one you can’t afford to miss. For five days this month, the Treasure Valley will be ignited […]


Growth Hack Your Idaho Startup With These 3 Freebies

Growing your Idaho startup doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. We’re lucky to live in a place like Idaho, where small businesses are encouraged and supported to thrive locally and beyond, and where businesspeople take great pride in pulling themselves up by their bootstraps. Perhaps that’s part of the reason ranked Idaho one of the […]

Working with an independent contractor in Idaho

Should I Hire an Independent Contractor?

After going it alone for awhile, there comes a time when every entrepreneur needs to start hiring muscle to move their company forward. Depending on the number of projects you have and their complexity, turning to quality independent contractors is often a go-to choice for startups, especially in a place like Idaho, where there remains a problematic gap between education […]

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