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AVA Technologies: Planting the Seeds of Success

Philip D Bennett and Daniel Thrasher recently visited our neighbors to the north when they spent a weekend in Vancouver, British Columbia to see the Spring incubator in action. Many startups coexist in the Spring incubators work space, and graduates of the incubator go on varied and interesting paths. One such veteran is Valerie Song, the co-founder and CEO of […]

Dr. Amit Jain

Boise Computer Science: Ahead of the National Curve

  There’s an interesting employment problem in Boise, but it’s probably not what you think. Contrary to the conventional wisdom, there’s actually an abundance of jobs… as long as you’re looking in technology. Unfortunately, there’s also a shortage of skilled labor to fill those open tech positions, and it’s leading to problems for some of Boise’s fastest-growing companies, as well […]


Idaho Nonprofits Fueling the Startup Landscape

The Idaho nonprofits community is huge, and so is its effect on Idaho’s economy. You can see for yourself in the “Economic Impacts of Idaho’s Nonprofit Organizations.”  With a new year upon us, it’s a good time for businesses to look for local charitable organizations to support in 2017. There are over 3,000 charitable nonprofits statewide, many of which contribute to fostering better business […]

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