Boise Startup Week


Having a startup endeavor is an exhilarating thing right?

New ideas, innovations and the flexibility to turn dreams into reality using as many unconventional channels as the founder deems fit.

But as with all good (great) things – there are some constraints in the equation.

And these show up in the form of uncertain funding, lack of experience and self-imposed isolation for those who drive the ventures.

A startup becomes a Fortune 500 only when it has the backing and support of a well equipped community.

While having access to privileged connections may not be the norm for every startup owner, events like The Boise Startup Week level the playing field.

Organized by the Boise State University and with the credibility of sponsors like Blue Cross, Micron and the state of Boise – it is designed to inspire ideas, galvanize action and validate entrepreneurialism as a way of life.


Boise Startup Week – From October 4th to October 6th, 2017 

This year close to 50 collaborating organizations will participate in this mega event of thought provoking information and transformational networking.

From the Pitch competition where entrepreneurs attend workshops to hone their presentation skills and then take the floor on Demo Day for a chance to get funded by a start-studded panel of investors to The VR Bash which is shaping the future of Virtual and Augmented Reality in the country to The Recruiting Event & Startup Crawl where talented computer and business graduates rub shoulders with prospective employers – The Boise Startup Week is all set to change lives and ignite ambition – yet again.

For more information and to register for free, please visit this page. 

You can apply to events like the Pitch competition separately.

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