Dr. Amit Jain

Boise Computer Science: Ahead of the National Curve

  There’s an interesting employment problem in Boise, but it’s probably not what you think. Contrary to the conventional wisdom, there’s actually an abundance of jobs… as long as you’re looking in technology. Unfortunately, there’s also a shortage of skilled labor to fill those open tech positions, and it’s leading to problems for some of Boise’s fastest-growing companies, as well […]

Idaho Digital Learning Academy

Idaho Education and the Digital Learning Academy

There’s a strong movement for improving Idaho education, and the Idaho Digital Learning Academy (IDLA) is part of it. This is an organization striving to address a long-standing dilemma facing many Idaho schools: How does a student in a rural Idaho community like Weiser or Ketchum get access to the same rigorous instruction as someone living in the more populated […]