The Idaho nonprofits community is huge, and so is its effect on Idaho’s economy. You can see for yourself in the “Economic Impacts of Idaho’s Nonprofit Organizations. 

With a new year upon us, it’s a good time for businesses to look for local charitable organizations to support in 2017. There are over 3,000 charitable nonprofits statewide, many of which contribute to fostering better business practices, scholarships and education, and greater opportunities for Idahoans.

To become a more active member of your business community by supporting Idaho nonprofits, check out these organizations that are dedicated to making our state an even better place to live, grow, and start a business.

Life’s Kitchen

Life’s Kitchen gives young adults an avenue for advancement: culinary arts. Their mission is to “transform the lives of young adults by building self sufficiency and independence through comprehensive food service and life skills training, placement in the foodservice industry, and continuing education.” To get involved, you can go have lunch at their cafe in Boise, become a coach, or donate goods. Here is more info on how to help.

Valley Advocates for Responsible Development

Valley Advocates for Responsible Development is one example of organizations that are dedicated to protecting the beauty and natural resources of Idaho by encouraging a better community dialogue. Their mission is “to shape policy, guide development, and provide outreach to preserve natural resources, protect rural character, and promote vibrant communities in Teton Valley through civic action.” They offer the opportunity for contributions here.

Wyakin Warrior Foundation

Wyakin Warrior Foundation helps severely wounded service men and women find meaningful opportunities. Their programs offer mentorship, professional development, financial assistance, community service projects, networking, and follow-up to ensure the vets’ success. To become a sponsor, a donor, or a volunteer for Wyakin Warrior Foundation, read more here.

The Hispanic Business Association

The Hispanic Business Association provides education, mentoring, and scholarships to worthy high-achieving Hispanic high school graduates. In the last 25 years, they’ve contributed to the success of over 412 students. Their annual Jalapeño Open golf tournament benefits the scholarship fund, and donors can contribute to their mission of success through business and education here.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to opportunities for getting involved. The list of charitable organizations connecting people and businesses in Idaho is getting longer, and it’s playing a big role in fueling our state economy. If you want a sure-fire way for your young business to make a difference, have a look at to find a charitable non-profit that aligns with your business’ values, and start making Idaho a better place to be an entrepreneur.


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