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Working with an independent contractor in Idaho

Should I Hire an Independent Contractor?

After going it alone for awhile, there comes a time when every entrepreneur needs to start hiring muscle to move their company forward. Depending on the number of projects you have and their complexity, turning to quality independent contractors is often a go-to choice for startups, especially in a place like Idaho, where there remains a problematic gap between education […]

Pitch Deck

The Perfect Pitch Deck

If you’re like most entrepreneurs just starting out, convincing other people that your startup is worthwhile is a difficult but important step on the path to success. It’s even harder when you’re trying to convince investors that they should give you their hard-earned money to build or grow your business. In order to convince these investors (and sometimes just to […]

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Seattle Good Business Network

Startups and small businesses always face an uphill climb. Many are competing with large chains and megastores. How can these business fledglings succeed when their prices are undercut by larger national chains? Well, Erin Nelson and her co-founder Christine Hanna believe the answer is for local small businesses to work together. In Seattle, Nelson and Hanna have begun implementing a […]

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